Poster by Eric Chad

Poster by Eric Chad

The Art of Being Alone


"Face it, she’s just not that into you...."

The Art of Being Alone is about Stephane (Stephane Garneau-Monten) who is quite a sad, miserable sod on a downward spiral of isolation after being dumped. Sure he has friends, but they’re of no help - they just tell him to ‘get over it’. Gradually, Stephane shuts himself in to wallow in booze, smokes and fantasies involving Keira Knightley. Accompanying him in his misery are the voices in his head. Voices provided by doubt, misery and, on the other hand, whatever shreds of confidence he has left.

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Photos by Stephen Robinson

Photos by Stephen Robinson

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Buddies in Bad Times Caberet (Toronto)
Company Launch
April 11th, 2015

Fraser Studios (Toronto)
October, 2015

Toronto Fringe Festival
July, 2016

Stephane Garneau-Monten | Writer, Actor, Design

Isaac Robinson | Director, Dramaturge, Design

Jeremy Powell | Technical Director, Lighting Design