Poster by Katey Wattam

Poster by Katey Wattam

An Iliad


“What drove them to fight with such a fury?”

A modern day retelling of Homer's classic, once again the Poet stands in front of his audience to share with them the tale of Achilles and Hector, the tale of Troy, the tears of a wife and the falling of a Prince. The story has been told time and time again for the last 8,000 years, but every time mankind ventures forth to war it is the Poets job, his duty, to come forth once again. He came forward during the Civil War, during World War Two, the Vietnam war, Iraq, Afghanistan, and after he has told the story again, he will step back and simply wait, wars come around more often than he hopes.”

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Photos by Isaac Robinson

Photos by Isaac Robinson

Mini Mainline (Montreal)
November 2016

Written by Dennis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson

Martin Law | The Poet, Co-Producer

Isaac Robinson | Director, Dramaturge, Design, Co-Producer

Stephane Garneau-Monten | Sound Design and Composition


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