Moose + Moa was first dreamt up in a tiny Montreal flat by Isaac Robinson and Eric Chad, two final year university students poised on the brink of graduation. They had no idea what to do next, but they knew they wanted to make some theatre – what better way than to start a theatre company!

The company’s name sakes are the great Moose, for the two Canadian company members, Eric and Jeremy, and the majestic Moa (a huge extinct New Zealand bird) for the two Kiwi members, Isaac and Stephane. The company was officially founded in Toronto in 2015 with the world premier of The Art of Being Alone.

Our aim is to create new and original works with an emphasis on emerging artists across the theatrical spectrum. We are driven to provide our community of artists with a professional development space and have a commitment to taking a new work from concept to stage.

We founded the company, not because we just wanted to put on plays, but because we wanted to create stories - to make theatre from beginning to end. We love story telling, in any form that it happens to take…
— Isaac Robinson | Artistic Director
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isaac robinson

Artist Director/Producer

While attending McGill University, Isaac founded Moose + Moa with a desire to create a space in which new and non-traditional works could be developed. Always a fan and scholar of myth and folklore, Isaac wanted to explore how human storytelling transitions from private to public spaces. Most of all, he simply wanted to dedicate time to creating stories of his own and from the community around him. 

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eric chad

Artistic Producer/ Graphic Designer

It was in Eric’s one bedroom Montreal apartment, shared with a geriatric turtle, that Moose + Moa was born. He has since relocated to Vancouver and received his MFA from the UBC in Projection and Lighting Design. His dedicated design work in the West Coast's phenomenal contemporary dance scene has allowed him to explore his passion of marrying technology, exquisite design, and epic storytelling. 

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stephane garneau-monten

Associate Producer/Company Member

Stephane is an actor/writer/musician and founding member of Moose + Moa. He has acted, produced, written, composed and designed for Moose + Moa, always driven by the excitement of developing and collaborating on original works. Music is a passion for Stephane and he loves being able to explore that aspect of the creative process. Stephane is based in Toronto, ON and feels very fortunate to be a part of the growing Moose + Moa family.


jeremy powel

Technical Director

Jeremy’s years of lighting and projection design experience, combined with managerial skills gained from his day job as kindergarten teacher, allow him to relish the challenge of Moose + Moa. He thrives creating works that take the novel scripts our mandate demands and mating them with equally new and exciting scenography to produce theatre that stands out.



Moose + Moa is a community driven theatre company. We want to acknowledge the people we love working with and invite you check out their work as well!

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